by Gus Breilandgear72b

My better half called me a helmet snob. Now I have heard of a beer snob, a wine snob, a social snob, but helmet snob? I prefer connouissier! I fell in love with the X-R2 Rossi World Champion when I came across it online. I have been looking around for a new lid since my Arai is starting to get a “funk” and the squidlyness of the graphics on the X-R2 Rossi spoke to me. I have also always said that I have an Arai head but I wanted to try something different.

As for the funk? A friend of mine once said “There is nothing like a new lid smell.” One of my admitted vices in motorcycling is the race replica helmet. I do not have the urge to break 200 miles per hour. I just want to look like I can. The AGV will be a fine addition to my poser repertoire. I took delivery of my new helmet, unboxed it, walked around the shop a bit with it on and thought is was a nice helmet. A couple of minor nuances, such as some pressure points but things that could be dealt with. What was more important was the look.

The Rossi World Champion has black, orange and yellow with the number “46” on either side of the chin bar. A large black and white “60’s” style flower is on the forehead with a Rossi crescent moon on the back. A chin vent offers fresh air into the helmet with 2 skull vents to pull hot air from within the helmet. The visor mechanism is very nice. It has 10 positions on a ratchet and keeps your visor in position at speed, if not greater. Removal of the visor is as quick as depress tab and push. Nothing could be more simple and it seems to function better than friction fits found on other helmets.

The chinstrap is attached to a wide piece of fabric for a comfortable fit. Standard double “D” rings are the clasp with a plastic button on the end of the strap snapping the excess strap to keep it from flapping around in the breeze and giving you a welt on the chin. At speed the helmet is fairly quiet but still has a little bit of turbulence that causes me to wear earplugs. But then I would wear them regardless. Otherwise I love the way this helmet performs.

Now comes the bad news. It is not comfortable. 1 hour or 2 maybe, but for long distances I am in agony. The basket in my other helmet cradles my skull and keeps my scalp from pressing up against the Styrofoam interior. The AGV has a basket, but it is right up against the Styrofoam. This results in the seams and intersection of seams to press into your head, causing the pressure points I referred to earlier. I can feel each and every seam and where it is on my head. That shouldn’t be.

It also is difficult to slide on. The head opening is tight and it causes your ears to fold over. You can either take the helmet off and try again or shimmy it around until your ears come to their upright position they were intended to be. The discomfort that I felt was enough to cause me to second guess my purchase. I am still considering selling it and staying faithful to the brand that fits me the best, but I really want this helmet to fit. Really! I may try to smooth some of the bumps and look at other ways to make the helmet fit more comfortably.

It is a quality helmet and beautiful if not safe. It carries the DOT and Snell M2000 ratings and has the same benefits of any high-end helmet. Removable cheek pads, removable and washable liner and the form, fit, and finish any racer would be proud to wear much less a pancake and hashbrowns kind of guy like me. I got mine at Manley Cycle. They are located at 2845 Harriet Ave South in Minneapolis or at The MSRP price is $499.95. Manley was kind enough to special order it in so that I could try it on before I bought it. They will be able to do the same for you.



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