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Within the walls of Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly are the minds of the insane. With every winter comes a new challenge of how many days can we ride instead of succumbing to the comfort and stereo of our cages? Victor Wanchena has decided to Ural it, others recommend preparing to fall down, a lot, and I start looking for gear.

I have a pretty good collection of gear for wet or dry, hot or cold but I am limited when it comes to my helmet. Especially when it comes to the fogging of my glasses and visor. Considering that the helmet will most likely be either the most expensive gear item or the second most, behind your suit, it is difficult to justify the purchase of multiple lids. I am here to tell you how to justify such a purchase, as I have found the answer within our sister sport of snow mobiling. Having tried a multitude of devices to eliminate fogging of both my glasses and my visor I have found that the integrated mouth piece of the Bombardier BV2S Helmet is hands down the best mechanism for getting rid of fogging completely. I have tried many options, from holding my breath to velcroed-in deflectors. The salvation that lets you worry about the road rather than the ice forming within your lid is the BV2S helmet.

This is a brand new helmet for Bombardier and from what I can tell they put a great deal of thought into its functionality and comfort. The helmet is adorned with features such as the breath deflector, sun visor, rear-illuminated reflector and a mount for an accessory flashlight. Its polycarbonate shell is a little larger than a standard motorcycle helmet due to its’ breath deflector and added insulation. While the helmet is larger in size and heavier than my ARAI, I understand the added girth and do not notice the added mass when I am wearing it. The added insulation makes this one of the quietest helmets I have ridden in with very little buffeting.

The number one reason to purchase this helmet is for the integrated breath deflector. The mouth peace is similar to that of a high quality respirator. The triangular mouthpiece is made of a flexible plastic that forms a seal around your mouth and nose. Fresh air is taken from within the helmet through 2 valves while your hot moist breath is expelled though a valve in the tube that leads outside through the nosepiece. While the nosepiece causes you to look something like a Darth Vader wanna be, it is the greatest piece of anti fogging ever. To hell with wipes and velcro, this system works.

The process to put on the helmet is pretty simple, unhitch the nosepiece and swing it forward. Put on the helmet and hitch up the chinstrap. The chinstrap has a factory seat, belt style button rather than the double d-ring. Swing the nose piece back into its upright locked position and turn the exhaust port to loosen or tighten the mouth piece until it is comfortable. Once you have this set up (one or two attempts) you shouldn’t have to adjust it anymore.

The sun visor is very cool and simple. With a downward twist of the lever on the left-hand cheek of the helmet, the visor pivots down for full sight coverage of tint. 4 different colors of tinted shields are available with amber being the stock color. The best part of this visor is the simple, one touch release.With winter comes shorter days. With shorter days comes night riding to and from work. Part of the added weight is the 2 AA batteries that power the LED rear tail light within the helmet. With a push of the button, located next your left eye, you illuminate one more taillight for cagers not to see.

Last, but not least, is the flashlight accessory. On the right cheek is a threaded insert for a flashlight holder for reading your map on the tank bag, or any evening emergencies that may need illumination.

The BV2S helmet is available where ever Ski-Doo accessories are available. With an MSRP of $449.99, this DOT approved helmet may seem like an unnecessary addition to your riding equipment, but you will wonder why it took you so long to get one once you have worn it. Check out this helmet at or go to a local dealer and try one on. Tousley Motorsports in White Bear Lake and Leo’s South in Lakeville are a few of our local Ski-Doo dealers.



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