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So how many pigtails do you have running off of your battery? How many of them have cords either whipping around in the breeze orgear72a quickly zip-tied onto the frame with your well intention to “clean it up” later? How about cleaning up that mess of cords this winter by installing a few Manic Salamander Zip-on Power Outlets?

The Zip-on Power outlet allows you to place a robust SAE or 12 mm plug in anywhere on your bike. This machined aluminum body with laser cut cover plates is a robust, compact and solid hookup that you will find so much nicer than the cord provided with your electrical garment or accessory.

Not only is this assembly functional, it is aesthetically pleasing to. The SAE unit gives you the choice of either anodized black or shinny aluminum, depending on which side you have up. It also features the ability to have the cable exit either the left or right side of the connection assembly by simply unbolting a cover and rerouting the wire. Its 24 page instruction book provides step-by-step instructions through photos, helping you decide the best way to install and where. Obvious locations include your handlebars, frame tubes or pannier frames.

You may not feel that this is a necessary wiring project to tackle but when you are riding as the sun goes down and notice that your electric vest is not plugged in you will be grateful for a solid connection to plug into. Once the Zip-on Power Outlet is bolted or cinched down, there is no moving it. Push all you want, you will get a solid connection. The kit includes the outlet with wire, zip ties, an assortment of blade fuses and the instruction booklet. The Zip-on Power Outlet is available in either SAE plug configuration for $54.99 or with a 12 mm plug for $44.99 which is compatible with Harley Davidson, Widder and some BMW plugs.

Thank you to Manic Salamander for allowing us to play and make sure you go out and support this local Minnesota business. Please contact them at, 763-234-7242 or

!!!MANIC Salamander, Inc.

PO Box 14720

Minneapolis, MN55414-9998USA

Also available are bar end weights in a variety of sizes and finishes and a slick carb adjustment tool we hope to review in the near future.



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