by Gus Breiland
Frenchman Rescued From Well After 5 Days
A French motorcyclist has been rescued from a well, where he had been trapped for five days following an accident in the eastern France region of Moselle, rescue officials said Tuesday.

The 22-year-old man had been trapped under his motorized bicycle in the five-feet-deep well since last Wednesday. He was spotted by a farmer from his tractor on Monday. Rescuers took two hours to free him.

The semi-conscious man was taken to Sarrebourg’s Saint Nicolas Hospital, where rescue officials said he was in serious condition.

The young man’s parents reported the disappearance to police on Friday, two days after he went missing on his way to work.

Well, you have a sweet bike. And you’re really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus you’re like the only guy at school who has a mustache. Dang! You got shocks, pegs… lucky! You ever take it off any sweet jumps? How do you say “tots” in French?

Marine’s Diesels About To Storm Motorcyclists
The firm of HDTUSA ( is about to release their diesel engine KLR 650 into the consumer market in a limited run next year with full production to follow. Based on the mil-spec model designed for the Marine Corps, the Bulldog, as it is known, is supposed to be as tough as its military brother in arms. Here are the sordid details from the latest D650-A1LE Bulldog release:

“Announcing the commercial release of the Diesel Fueled D650-A1LE Bulldog! We are very excited about the production of our new commercial version diesel motorcycle, the D650 Bulldog….

“Currently, we are undergoing a final review of Federal and State regulations with regards to our commercial motorcycles. We plan on accepting firm orders for the D650-A1LE Bulldog soon and will be announcing the availability date through this newsletter.

“It will be the only production run of commercial diesel motorcycles that will use the military engine, and limited to 200 units. It will have special Noleen/F1 rear suspension and custom tuned front suspension. The D650-A1LE will be available with the customer’s choice of Dunlop D606 or D607 tires. Gearing will be customized to the rider’s preference for on-road, off-road, or adventure touring. The D650-A1LE will have a custom, military style tool kit, especially equipped for adventure touring.

“We plan to offer individualized engine serial numbers. After receipt of your deposit for the 2006 Ltd. D650-A1LE Bulldog, HDTUSA will provide you with a custom, military-style leather Bomber Jacket that includes a special patch with your individualized engine serial number. Additionally, each bike owner receives individualized documentation and a bronze medallion with the individualized engine serial number.

“Individualized engine serial numbers will be assigned on a first come, first served basis, with the exception of serial number 00001. We intend to auction off the first production unit with the proceeds going to a Marine Corps charity and the Marine Corps Heritage Museum in Quantico, Virginia. Owners will be provided with monthly updates as to the progress of the commercial production.

PRICE: The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price for the D650-A1LE Bulldog will be $18,999.00 (Gulp!).

MMM has been watching the little firm of HDTUSA. With 100 miles to the gallon estimate from fuel you can make at home, the only thing keeping the entire staff at MMM from buying one is the price tag…and that might not stop a few of us. We are waiting for Publisher Wanchena to fall asleep during the MMM Christmas party so that we can find his checkbook to give ourselves an early Christmas bonus.

In Mexico, Even The Dead Wear Helmets
After a motorcycle rider lost control, Tijuana police arrived to investigate the accident. The rider fled and the officer went to check on the passenger. It turned out the passenger was already dead and had been for some time. The passenger / corpse was around 40, wearing a lid, a towel wrapped around his neck that was bound by tape to absorb the blood leaking from a head wound, and a life jacket used to tie the corpse to the rider.

What is interesting is the fact that even though the passenger was dead, leaking and strangled, he still chose to wear a helmet proving yet again that if you are riding free and unencumbered by the thought process, you are still putting yourself at greater risk than dead men in Tijuana. Dead men wear lids. What’s your excuse?

Cycle World International Motorcycle Show Returns To Minneapolis
For those of you who don’t ride all winter, make sure this makes it onto your new “Kittens and String” calendar. The International Motorcycle Show will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center, February 3rd through the 5th. See new bikes and gear along with stunt performers and the huddled masses of the upper Midwest riding populous. Admission will be $12 for adults and $5 for kids between 6 and 11. Children 5 and under are free. Remember your AMA card for your $1 off. ( See if you can find your favorite Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly personalities and ask for a signature. We like to sit around the office and regale each other with stories of how we were surrounded by our people and stripped naked by clutching fans.

56th Annual I-Cycle Derby
Join Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly on the 1st of the year for the 58th Annual I-cycle Derby. This is the best way for you to start your new year of riding. For 58 years, the Travelers Motorcycle Club has invited you to join them and many other sane riders to ride the beautiful snow covered streets of the south metro area. Their host for the event continues to be Chief’s Towing, Inc in Bloomington, MN. They are located at 8610 Harriet Ave South. Registration starts at 9am and the first rider out for this timed event will be 10:30am. The event usually ends around 2:30pm with a break in between the morning and afternoon rides. Come see Editor Wanchena and Editor Pearman cheat in their 3-wheeled machines while the rest of us ride real motorcycles. For more information contact Betty Valiant of the Travelers M/C at 952.445.4379.

From the “Who checks your facts” File, we misquoted the price for the factory hard bags on the Ducati Multistrada 620 as being $1,162.10 in our Ducati review in MMM issue #79. The MSRP for the Multistrada hard bags are $873.70. Our apologies to Ducati for the misprint and rest assured, the interns at fault have been flogged.


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