gear99_1by Gus Breiland

So, every once in a while I find myself in the garage staring at a bunch of shiny objects in a red toolbox. I don’t know what the hell they do, nor should I, as I have the torque capacity of baby Huey and the oil checking ability of…well, ask my Tengai…if the Tin Man ever yelled “oil can” at me I would turn and give him the same look that my dog gives me when I ask “Treat?”

So, rather than focus on my deficiencies and get counseling, I continue to think that it is not me, it is my equipment. I leaf through catalogs, search tool web sites, and as I wander through motorcycle shops I walk by the tool racks dreaming of the right tool for the job.

On one of my walks through Bob’s Cycle Supply, I came across a couple of great items to add to my toolbox. A 1/4” and a 3/8” T-handle socket wrench for all of those silly cylindrical turny things I own!

In our issue #76 (June of ’05) I reviewed a set of T-handle wrenches that are so cool that they have no business occupying the same space as me, but I have them and attempt to use them as often as possible. The only issue I had with that set is the sockets are permanently affixed to the “T” This means I need to have the Metric and English, all sizes, etc…that is a hell of a lot of wrenches and I already have a bunch of sockets in those sizes.

So I pick up the pair and think “These are going to be $15-20 a piece.” Not too expensive, but not great. Bob makes me smile. $5.99 a piece. Whoo Hoo…I can almost by 2 pairs. I don’t know what I was expecting to buy for that price anyway, but why not? If the generic T-handles aren’t there Bob’s has a set from Motion Pro for $9.99 each, still a pretty great deal.

Tell your S.O. and kids that you need a set of T-handle socket wrenches. Be vague, maybe they’ll be foolish…um…kind and buy you a set of permanent wrenches so you can impress your friends. Once they do their homework however and tell you no because of the cost, send them to Bob’s and ask for the T-handle only. It is an economical way to get yet another set of tools for just the cost of the handles.

You can find Bob’s Cycle Supply online at or in the real world just north of Saint Paul off of Minnesota 36 and Rice Street at 65 West Viking Drive.


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