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I just finished reading the October edition of MMM. I had a chuckle with your ‘From the Hip’ column. I read with some interest Kevin Driscoll’s review of “Sea Foam”. I have a daughter that races motocross and supercross and gets regular new engine rebuilds throughout the season and with the tear down I could tell immediately the positive effect of including Sea Foam in the fuel mix. I ride a 2003 Harley-Davidson Road Glide with fuel injection thus no fuel shut off valve. In the old days we used to put the stabilizer in the fuel in the fall and run the bike to get the stabilizer into the carburetor and then shut the fuel petcock and let the bike run on the fuel in the carburetor until it was gone. This still allowed vanish buildup in the carburetor and lines by spring. I found that by adding Sea Foam it cleaned the engine, lines and carburetor and helped the bike start and run better. Most folks are not aware that gas stations sell a different blend of fuel in the summer than they do in the winter. And, this change over from one blend in the spring and fall can leave your vehicle with a lot of water in the tank at exactly the wrong time. Sea Foam is available at every gas station and I pour a can into a full tank of fuel at least four times a year in all my four wheeled vehicles. Like Kevin I have no hard empirical evidence, but I use the product regularly with great results. I second the motion and highly recommend the use of Sea Foam in all your engines. Now, I just wonder what to do with the pictures of my riding buddies taking a leak in the ditch. See you down the road. Owen Riess via email

Ed – We feel the same way about Sea Foam. Results often speak louder than studies. We’re wondering if you’re working on a sequel to La Ropa. (Readers will remember Owen as the author of La Ropa Sucia as reviewed in MMM #82)


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